Huntington Woods

Scouts BSA Troop 1292


Merit Badge Info

Merit Badge Process

  • Obtain a Blue Card from the Scoutmaster BEFORE you start working on the requirements
  • Print out a copy of the merit badge pamphlet from the website. (if there isn't a copy available, don't go and buy one. Request a copy from the Troop Librarian or Scoutmaster and we'll get one so everyone in the Troop can use it)
  • Print out a copy of the merit badge worksheet from the website. A link to all of them is below 
  • Read the merit badge pamphlet
  • Contact the Merit Badge Counselor to discuss the requirements and your plans
  • Complete the requirements
  • Contact the MBC to get signed off
  • Turn in the signed off Blue Card to the Scoutmaster
  • You'll get your merit badge at the next Court of Honor ceremony

Pamphlet Copies

Merit Badge Worksheets

Use these worksheets to help complete your merit badge. Remember to get your blue card signed by the Scoutmaster before starting work on a new merit badge. 

Click here to download the worksheet.